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Welcome to UAE Betting. This section will explain the cookies applicable to any customer who comes to our website. Please read our cookie and privacy policies for UAE Betting services in your region. Accessing UAE Betting means consenting to the practices detailed below, except when you decide to disable cookies.  Here's everything you may need to know about the cookie policy on UAE Betting, including the most frequently asked questions.

What do Cookies Mean?

Cookies - meaning

Any modern website requires collecting certain basic information from its users to work seamlessly. Achieving this requires the website to create files called cookies (tiny text files) on the users’ computers. A cookie might include your unique identifier for storing on your device whenever you visit your website.

Cookies perform various functions to give users a seamless and interactive user experience. One function is to recall user preferences on the website from your earlier visits. Additionally, the cookies remember user IDs and gaming preferences and make it easy for you to navigate between the various pages on our website efficiently.

The cookies also allow you to see suggestions relevant to your interests. Some data collected from users allows for detecting approximate geographical locations and browsing patterns. This works to enhance your user experience significantly.

Types of Cookies We Use on Our Website

We have different kinds of cookies on our website. These are classified according to purpose and nature, as highlighted below.

Persistent Cookies

These cookies stay on your device for a specified period. The function of persistent cookies is to assist in remembering your information — preferences, settings, and login details you previously saved on our website. Persistent cookies make your experience on our website faster and more convenient. The webserver has an expiry date for persistent cookies.

Session Cookies

These are temporary cookies that contain a string of numbers and letters that work as an identifier. Session cookies are sent from the website to your browser for temporary use during a particular period. These cookies are enabled by default.

The primary function of session cookies is to help each webpage load faster. These cookies also help you navigate our website seamlessly. When you close your browser, all session cookies disappear.

Essential Cookies

UAE Betting uses essential cookies for verifying your account and to determine that you’re logged in. This allows us to make your access to our services easy, including access to appropriate experience, information, and features. Essential cookies keep you logged in while navigating from various pages on our website. The cookies also allow us to remember your browser to avoid having to keep logging in all the time.

We use essential cookies to offer appropriate controls and checks for data safety. Essential cookies allow us to monitor how you use our website and limit fraudulent activity regarding your data. Additionally, these cookies allow us to check malicious activity and any violation of UAE Betting terms of service.

Performance Cookies

These are cookies for monitoring the performance of our website by collecting data anonymously. These cookies help us to improve how our website works and match user preferences.

Performance cookies don’t collect visitors’ names or email addresses.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies are for collecting information regarding your interaction with UAE Betting. This information allows us to see the pages you usually check out and when you encounter issues.

It helps us find ways to improve. Additionally, analytical cookies allow engaging with partners to understand interaction with our services better. This may include placing third-party analytics from Google Analytics to report and evaluate the use of our services.

What to Expect from the Cookies on Our Website

This is what you need to know about cookie usage at UAE Betting.

We use cookies for:

  • Making our website work seamlessly to exceed your expectations
  • Saving you from having to log in whenever you come to your site
  • Remembering your preferred settings between or during visits
  • Improving the security and speed of our website
  • Making it easy for you to share our website pages on your social media accounts
  • Continuing to enhance the usability of our website for you
  • Verifying that all visitors to our website are humans

We don’t cookies for:

  • Collecting any of your identifiable data without your permission
  • Passing on your confidential information to any third parties
  • Paying sales commissions

Additionally, our use of cookies does not allow us to access your computer or your personal information apart from the data you give us willingly.

Is it possible to delete cookies from my device?

There’s an option for you to delete any cookies stored on your device. You can find the details in the settings section of your web browser. Remember that deleting all cookies may lead to loss of information and settings saved in your browser. This may include your log in details and website preferences.

Additionally, deleting cookies from your web browser withdraws your consent from the website. So, on your return to our website, you have a choice to allow or deny the cookies.

How does UAE Betting use visitor statistics cookies?

At UAE Betting, we compile statistics from visitors, including the number of visitors to our website. We also use this information to check the type of technology used.

Additionally, statistics from visitors allow us to understand how long visitors stay on our website and the most popular pages. The use of analytics programs allows us to determine how people reach our website. This helps us improve our services.

Do UAE Betting Privacy policies apply to other websites?

Our privacy policy only applies to our website. When you click a link to another website, you must check their privacy policy before moving forward.

How do I track changes to your privacy policy?

UAE Betting’s privacy policy is continuously under review and being updated. Check the policy regularly to keep abreast with the newest version.

How do I contact UAE Betting?

If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy or player rights, go to our contact page.

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