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Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Updated: 04.10.2023

Today, responsible gambling is at the forefront of everything in the iGaming world. And this is exactly how it should be – so as to provide details of how to proceed with gambling in a safe way, and to offer assistance to those gamers who are affected in some way by gambling problems.  At, we also promote responsible gambling, as it lays out certain guidance for you to follow in order to have fun with betting without going beyond your means.

Global Helplines for Those with Gambling Problems

Responsible gambling in the UAE

Due to the fact that gambling is quite heavily restricted within the UAE, gambling addiction is not something that is frequently discussed. And while that may seem like quite a standard practice, considering gambling’s illegality within, there seems to be little reason to actually bring it up. It is actually thought by many people that such a problem does not even exist. That is not the case at all, though. For some people, gambling addiction is very real, and it can cause some serious problems. If this is the case for you or for someone you know, there are routes out of this. There are various gambling addiction centres that can provide you with online assistance to escape the addiction problems that you may be experiencing. These can be highly vital to gamblers. Meanwhile, following standard responsible gambling practices can assist you with not falling into such an abyss.

Responsible gambling is something that should be taken seriously. So, if you or someone else that you know is having problems with gambling, then action needs to be taken. Check out the following global helplines to be able to start on the path towards freedom from the chains that gambling may have wrapped around you:

Gamblers Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Regardless of where you are located around the world, Gamblers Anonymous is there to help. Check out the website to uncover more information about getting the assistance you need.
Gordon Moody (Gambling Therapy)
Gordon Moody (Gambling Therapy)
Online support provided in the form of advice and information, as well as live support and forums. The website is viewable in Arabic, and advisors can also be contacted in this language.
Confidential assistance and support to anyone suffering from a gambling addiction problem. Offering live chat and a 24/7 gambling helpline to call.

Responsible Gambling Practices

Responsible gambling practices

There are steps that you can take when it comes to engaging in responsible gambling. In doing so, you have a much better chance of not sinking into addiction habits that may plague others. Responsible gambling is all about being able to enjoy gaming without suffering from losses that lead to debts and more. So, what steps should you utilise when gambling online in the UAE?

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

Placing bets at an online casino is something that you should do with the knowledge of how your bankroll looks. You should only utilise money that you can afford to lose when depositing and gaming at such a site. Anything beyond this would be likely to cut into your budget of daily living. Proper bankroll management is a necessity for any kind of gambling, whether online or offline.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Better of You

Playing games and losing money on rounds throughout your session is something that should be expected. Anyone opting to engage in gambling should be fully aware of this before proceeding with such. If your emotions overwhelm you after you suffer from a loss or two, then this is not the ideal situation. You should keep your emotions in check and simply roll with the flow. Don’t try chasing your losses to try and recover funds. Instead, proceed in the same way as you were, and above all else, have fun.

Don’t Get Overzealous

Everyone loves to win when playing casino games. That’s just a standard fact, right? But it can also be the case that you become overzealous with gameplay after winning a few rounds. This can lead to you constantly placing excessive wagers and going above and beyond your means. It is ideal to know when to quit, and sometimes this is something you should do while you’re ahead.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Out Help

If you have sunk into a mode of feeling like you’re suffering from gambling addiction, you should never feel ashamed or afraid of seeking help. That’s what the responsible gambling organisations are there for – to provide you with assistance in battling and overcoming your problems. Confiding in a friend or a family member can also be of great help. Then, you’re not tackling the issue alone.

Learn When to Stop Playing

There is nothing worse than a gambler who loses a few rounds and then continue placing bets to try and recover what they have lost. Make sure that you are well-aware of the fact that you will lose money when playing at a casino. It’s inevitable, and even the world’s best gamblers cannot stop that from being the case. A house edge is in place so that the casino earns money, too.

This is why our sixth of these betting tips UAE is to quit while you’re ahead or leave when you’re suffering too many losses. If you have built up a nice profit from playing the games, then walking away is one of the best things to do. If not, you could end up putting it all back in wagers on the games, and then you aren’t any better off. In the same vein, if you suffer losses and you find yourself getting annoyed or upset about it, the least sensible thing to do is try chasing those losses. Gambling with tattered emotions is not the way to engage in casino gaming. You’re likely to simply continue on with the losses and wreck your bankroll completely.

Be aware that gambling is something that should primarily be a fun activity. If it isn’t fun anymore, then you need to stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is problem gambling?

When speaking of problem gambling, this is defined by betting to a degree that compromises, disturbs or damages you and/or your family, personal life and so on. It includes betting beyond your means and sometimes having an uncontrollable urge to engage in gambling.

How can I keep a track of my gambling expenditure?

You can see all of your gambling information where transactions are concerned by logging into your bank account or casino account. The latter also displays details of how much you have won, lost and so on.

How can I stop myself gambling?

There is the option of self-excluding, which blocks you from being able to access, deposit and play at online casinos, sportsbooks and so on. Operators are also obliged to stop sending you marketing messages in this circumstance.

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