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Editorial Principles

Editorial Principles

Updated: 25.04.2023

It's our due diligence to provide accurate, factual and extensively reviewed information on all the articles we publish. We rely on a vast team of editors and contributors who are expected to follow our key principles strictly.  From data safety to cookies, our guidelines dictate the content of our work, with the safety of our readers being our number one editorial responsibility.

How Editorial Principles Help Players

How editorial principles help players?

Our editorial responsibility applies to all forms of gambling, whether sports betting or casino wagering. The goal is to inform each potential casino customer how we process and review information. Our writers follow strict guidelines on many aspects related to security, such as cookies and confidential information.

We aim to provide our readers with a professional site where they can read carefully curated reviews on providers, games, bookmakers, payment methods and bonuses.

Our editorial responsibility is to ensure articles are written based on customer feedback, current legislation, industry statistics, and online gambling trends. All of our editors and writers are expected to constantly research the market to keep our work updated with the latest information.

Editorial guidelines allowed us to create a strict set of rules and policies with the highest standards in the industry, always keeping our readers’ data safety and security in mind. We constantly remind our readers about their player rights and many other aspects of online gambling.

Editorial Team

The editorial guidelines were independently written by our staff, without commercial nor external influence. Our team includes industry experts who have worked with gambling organisations and other related companies. Their key goal is to provide real and accurate reviews to benefit each player. Our guidelines were written based on several policies.

Information Policy

Editorial principles of

Providing accurate and updated information is one of the many ways to ensure our customer’s security. Even though we work with several partners all around the globe, our priority is our readers.

We carefully review all our partners to ensure they comply with industry standards and regulations. If issues arise or a casino starts acting unfairly, we immediately perform a thorough investigation and suspend business relationships. We can assure readers they’ll be gambling with utmost security when they choose our partners.

Despite having sponsored content, we maintain an independent stance on the information we provide. Reviews are written upon extensive research and first-hand gameplay experience to guarantee their honesty.

The team has a constant editorial responsibility to remain objective and unbiased when writing about sports betting and online casinos.

Corrections Policy

A primary editorial responsibility of our writers and editors is to guarantee legitimate and accurate information at all times. Despite our efforts, sometimes errors can happen, even though we have a team constantly scouring the website for any irregularities.

Ethics Policy

To offer the best possible experience when browsing our website, our team has devised a detailed ethics policy based on a wide variety of criteria, which you can see below:

  • Privacy – Data safety is one of our priorities. We don’t share our readers’ confidential information with other companies. You also have the option to enable or disable cookies at any time.
  • Independence and Impartiality – We remain unbiased when reviewing sports betting websites and casinos, despite working with affiliates. Therefore, the customer can rely on independent and impartial reviews.
  • Transparency – We are 100% transparent with our readers regarding how their information is treated and the source of information displayed.
  • Fairness – Being fair is one of the main benefits reputable bookmakers and casinos have. We constantly remind users of their player rights, the fairness of our affiliates and that we will never disclose confidential information.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are essential files created to help distinguish between site users. They help us provide you with a personalised experience when browsing our sports betting reviews. However, not all cookies are obligatory, and readers can choose what data is collected before proceeding.

Allowing our users to choose the cookies they want to share is essential to guarantee positive data safety and security experience. Below you can read about the classifications of cookies:

  • Essential – These are mostly related to data safety and confidential information and are essential to using the website and its features.
  • Targeting – They record your website visits, search history and many aspects of user behaviour. It’s used to create personalised ads and measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Performance – The goal of these is to optimise the website. They check for error messages, which subpages are more visited and other details.
  • Functionality – With these, the website can record your username, language settings, region and other important information that will ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

We consider data safety a serious matter. Thus, we don’t disclose these details to any third-party organisations, as they’re considered confidential information.

Please remember that our partners also feature cookies to choose the best games or sports events based on your preferences. Rest assured, we only work with casinos that allow the customer to enable or disable the information they choose to share.


We look forward to hearing your opinion! Send us a message if you have any suggestions, tips, or want to talk about your online gambling and sports betting experience.

Feedback helps us improve the quality of our services by obtaining reports from readers with different backgrounds, habits and experiences. Your participation is seriously appreciated.

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