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Updated: 15.04.2024

Gaming has long been a favorite pastime activity. Many people enjoy camaraderie and competition in games against their peers and strangers. Games that require skills are more popular. Due to this, player traffic for skill games online keeps growing.

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  • A chance for players to win money from their skills
  • Some game skills like quick calculation have real-world value
  • layers with limited skills can lose a lot of money
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Best Skill Games Casinos in the UAE 2024

Game of Skill

Skill games in online casinos

Games of skill mainly comprise casino games that require a player to have mental expertise to obtain a positive outcome. In skill games online and offline, players must understand the game’s rules and have good strategies in order to win. In games of skill, players have the freedom to use their accrued experience in the game to their advantage.

The player determines their success rate in games of skill through consistent practice. Players who play often and understand the game rules have better chances at skill games for money and casual play. Nevertheless, chance plays a role in determining the outcome of certain games of skill. The most popular games that rely on players’ skills include chess, rummy, horse racing, and fantasy sports.

The player determines their success rate in games of skill through consistent practice. Players who play often and understand the game rules have better chances at skill games for money and casual play. Nevertheless, chance plays a role in determining the outcome of certain games of skill. The most popular games that rely on players’ skills include chess, rummy, horse racing, and fantasy sports.

Are Skill Games Legal in the UAE?

In the Arabian world, most online gaming hasn’t picked up, mainly because of cultural and religious taboos in Islam around anything considered remotely related to gambling.

Different countries have varying approaches to games of skill online and offline. In Saudi Arabia there are even religious decrees against playing games that are almost entirely based on skill like chess. In places like the UAE betting on things like horse racing events for money is considered illegal.

Players should look up gaming laws in their respective countries before playing.

How To Play Skill Games Online?

Players looking to play online skill games for money can visit a variety of online casino sites. The best part is that the sign-up procedure is typically quite easy. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough to follow when looking to play skill games for money as a beginner.

  1. Find a trustworthy online site that offers legit skill games.
  2. Hit the sign-up button to create a player’s account. The process is usually very simple. The first step requires players to provide personal information such as their legal name, date of birth, email address, and telephone number.
  3. Create a unique username and a strong password for subsequent logins.
  4. Verify identity. The site will send prospective players a verification email to confirm their identity. Click on the link that will lead back to the sign-up process. Enter the new username and password to activate your account.
  5. Head to the cashier’s or wallet section to fund the new account. It’s important to choose a convenient deposit method for easy transactions. Cryptocurrencies are a good option as they are efficient and secure.
  6. Choose the game. Players can choose their preferred game in the library with a loaded account.
  7. Learn the game. We advise players to read the rules of each game before they launch it.
  8. Place a bet. Players can select a wager value to begin playing when the game is ready.
  9. There are two options in skill games online. Players can play against a computer algorithm or other players.
  10. Enjoy the thrill of playing online. Usually, games might last a few minutes or hours, depending on the rules and play style.
  11. Withdraw winnings. After the game, players’ winnings should be sent directly to them through their preferred banking method. It’s typically advisable to use the same method you used when depositing to withdraw your money.

Types of Skill Games Online

Online sites offer a wide variety of skill games for money. Most games are grouped into broad categories to make them easier to sift through. The game style and method of play will often be what sets categories apart. For instance, chess and backgammon are grouped as board games, while sudoku may appear in the puzzle games menu.

  • Arcade Games
    Arcade Games
    Examples include Tetris and pinball machines
  • Board Games
    Board Games
    Some of the examples include Mahjong, chess, and checkers
  • Card Games
    Card Games
    These games include bridge, solitaite, poker, etc.
  • Puzzle Games
    Puzzle Games
    Most popular are Candy Crush, Match 3D, jigsaw puzzles
  • Word Games
    Word Games
    These may include Scrabble, Wordmeister, and Lexigo

Arcade Games

Arcade games usually have colorful themes, and graphics. Most of these games are based on real-world mechanical games available at in-person arcades. Some popular arcade games include titles many players may have seen as a child. Memorable games such as Tetris and pinball machines have several variants in the arcade.

Board Games

Most players have seen or heard of popular board games in online settings. Board games have a universal reach, and each region has its own preferred varieties. Mahjong, chess, and checkers are some globally recognized board games you can play online for money. The capacity to strategize and play to your strengths makes these games popular.

Card Games

Card games involve fast-paced action that increases the excitement among players. Online sites have multiple variants of card games including bridge online, solitaire, and poker for real money play.

Puzzle Games

People who like solving problems are likely to find puzzle games interesting. The goal is to use your wits to get out of tight situations. Some popular puzzle games include Candy Crush, Match 3D, and jigsaw puzzles. Speed is essential to keep going in many of these games.

Word Games

Players who like jargon look forward to challenging like-minded people in word games. To win in these games, you must have a good mastery of vocabulary and language. Scrabble, Wordmeister, and Lexigo are popular skill games that attract many players.

Top 3 Most Popular Skill Games

When playing skill games for money, players have specific favorites. These favorites often depend on game style and ease of play. Many of these skill games are popular even in offline gaming.


This is a popular board game, with fast-paced action. This game dates back several centuries, and people still enjoy having fun on backgammon boards. Players follow dice rolls and use checkers pieces to move throughout the board. The objective is to move all your checkers pieces to your side of the board and eventually remove them from the board altogether. This game comes with quite a few rules and strategies that are important to know when playing. A degree of luck also comes in handy when playing.


This is a popular multiplayer tile game that tests the players’ skills and sharp thinking. Players online can opt to play the game against a computer algorithm. To win a game in dominoes, you generally want to end up with the highest number of points by strategically placing the tiles in certain ways. You can find many dominoes variants including Draw Dominoes, Mexican Train, Texas 42, and Chickenfoot.


This card game involves building melds or runs to win. The melds can be sets of three or four cards of the same kind, while runs comprise more than three sequential cards in a file. Usually, it’s a social game among friends, but players can also go against computer algorithms. The most played Rummy variants include Points Rummy, Cash Rummy, and Pool Rummy.

Pros and Cons of Playing Skill Games Online

Skill games online have a lot to offer besides entertainment value. Playing against other players or computer algorithms can be beneficial. On the other hand, skill games for money have significant drawbacks for the players.

Advantages A chance for players to win money from their skills Luck plays a tertiary role in the outcome Players can gauge their skills against other like-minded players Some game skills like quick calculation have real-world value Skill games online are a fun activity to pass time
Disadvantages Players with limited skills can lose a lot of money Slow internet and technical issues can affect the results of the game Gaming for long periods can be addictive

Closing Thoughts

Games of skill have long been creative pastime activities amongst different cultures worldwide. The internet now allows many to play skill games online without having to buy expensive sets and gaming boards. It’s now easy to play top-skill games from various regions on your smartphone from any location anytime you want.

Playing skill games for money rewards players for polishing up their hobbies. However, players aren’t guaranteed wins at all times, as luck still plays a small role in the outcome of many skill-based games. It’s therefore advisable to only play casually and with strategic spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play skill games for real money?

Many sites offer skill games for money. Players need to ensure that the provider has their favorite games and convenient payment methods before signing up on that site. Reading reviews of sites from other players can also come in handy when picking a skill games site. Sites with many player complaints will likely withhold your payouts or bug your devices and won’t be reputable.

Are skill games considered gambling?

Playing skill games for money isn’t considered gambling, though this may depend on the region you are playing in. To win in skill games online, you need a thorough understanding of the rules and sound game strategies. Luck plays a lesser role in the outcomes than say a casino game like slots. Therefore, it isn’t generally considered gambling. In addition, players go against each other in games of skill, not the house.

What are the most popular skill games?

Games gain popularity according to regions of origin. Players in different areas are likely to enjoy games from their heritage. Our review found that many players enjoyed backgammon, dominoes, and rummy for real money prizes.

What is the difference between games of skill and games of luck?

Games of skill stand out from games of chance in the gameplay. In games of skill, a player’s experience influences the outcomes, while in games of chance, players rely mainly on luck to win. Another key distinction is that skill games have almost certain outcomes, while the outcomes in games of chance are largely random.

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