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Casino VPNs in the UAE
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Casino VPNs in the UAE

It is not uncommon for people in the UAE to make use of an Arabic VPN so as to enjoy their favourite online gaming activities. These Virtual Private Networks protect the privacy of the user and allow you to circumnavigate around local bans and blocking. 

  • Additional layer of security
  • Increased privacy
  • Slower connection

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What Exactly is an Arabic VPN?

6 ways VPN can help players

Believe it or not, it isn’t solely UAE or Arabic internet users that take advantage of VPN services. In fact, people all over the world utilise them so as to give themselves a much securer online connection and to protect their identity. Everything that you do online when using a VPN is masked behind a random IP address. Therefore, your browsing habits, personal information and more cannot be found out by anyone else.

At the same time, different countries have different restrictions on what can and cannot be viewed online by their residents. With a VPN, someone in a country with restrictions in place can easily access content that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. In the case of an Arabic VPN, you would be able to visit online casinos which would be blocked under normal circumstances.

This is possible because the VPN masks your standard internet protocol address. It routes your connection through to a different country, thereby making it look as though you are using the internet services from within that same location.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Online Casino Gameplay?

Why do you need a VPN for online casino gameplay?

While it is true that you may be able to access a select few online casinos from the UAE without the use of a VPN, this is not true for most of them. Gambling sites are usually blocked outrightly within the country, so it is necessary to load them up in another way. And it is this that necessitates the use of an Arabic VPN.

The companies that provide VPN services have servers based all over the world, so you can easily select one of them to connect to. It is through this that your IP address will be masked. So, if you were to choose the United Kingdom or France or Japan for example, then it would look like you were located in that country, using the internet from within.

Various other countries outside of the UAE have much more liberal online gambling laws in place. And this is why the casinos are not restricted when using a server based within one of them.

Further to you gaining access to such online sites, an Arabic VPN will also hide the country that you are browsing from, whilst encrypting your banking details at the same time. In fact, if you use a VPN, nobody will even know that you have visited, registered at, deposited and played at an online casino. It is for these reasons that many UAE gamblers choose to make use of a VPN in the first instance.

How Do You Utilise a VPN for Your Online Gambling Activity?

If you’re still interested in becoming a UAE online casino gambler, then you may wish to know exactly how to go about using a VPN for it. So, just make use of this guide below to get your hands on one and make use of it for online casino gaming.

Step 1

Register for an Account.

To use an Arabic VPN, you will need to register for an account and sign into it. This usually only requires a username and password to be set up, as well as the use of an email address.

Step 2

Choose Your Preferred Plan.

VPN providers usually have multiple different plans that you can utilise, with some catering to just a single computer, others allowing access via multiple devices and so on. Upon making your choice, you will need to enter your payment details for the yearly or monthly subscription to it.

Step 3

Download the Software.

Be sure that whichever VPN you choose, it caters to your specific device(s). Ideally, it should be able to cover a vast range of these, including Windows, Android and iOS. Just choose which operating system you use and download the software before installing it.

Step 4

Choose a Location to Connect Through.

Once the software is on your device, you open it and then choose a specific country or location to connect to. It is common for VPNs to have a list of countries or a map for you to select from. Simply select the preferential country and hit ‘Connect’.

Step 5

Personalise the VPN.

You can visit the ‘Settings’ are if you want to adjust certain features of the VPN, such as the language it is in, connection settings, start-up process and so on.

Step 6

Visit the Casino.

When connected through the VPN, simply load the casino up that you want to join, and you will be able to proceed as normal this way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN is the best one?

Any of the ones that we recommend to you to use can be considered the best for UAE players. Take a look at their features and pick the one that caters to you the most.

Is it really necessary to use a VPN?

We highly recommend it because not only will it allow you to readily access online casinos, but it will protect your identity and all of your private information, too.

Which country should I connect through via my VPN?

Most VPNs support connections through a huge collection of worldwide countries. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the one that will cater to your requirements the most. Look into the legalities of online gambling sites within the country you’re thinking of connecting through first.

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