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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated: 13.09.2023

On the Website (, your privacy is our priority. For this reason, we have elaborated the Privacy Policy detailed below so that you can enjoy our services and be assured that your personal information is completely safe. The present Privacy Policy follows every rule of Terms & Conditions, which lays the basis for using any personal information collected by the Website or provided by you. Read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand our values and practices towards your personal information. Be advised that you are consenting and accepting the rules and practices described below when visiting the Website.

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Data Safety

The Website protects the following information:

  • Personal information, personal data, or any other kind of information about a user which can identify such a user. The rule does not include anonymous data or data where the identity has been erased or removed.
  • You can contact our Website to request information about how We use your personal data at any moment.

How We Collect Your Personal Information

Privacy policy of

The Website collects, processes, and stores personal information according to the category of each user and occasion. We use cookies to gather information about how you use the Website, regardless of your membership status. Read below the type of data we collect, when, and how.

  • Technical information: IP address, login information, type and version of your browser, your current time zone, browser plugins, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your location, your device, your operating system, etc.; this kind of information is considered “non-personal”. Yet, the data is treated according to the same standards we apply to your personal information.
  • We also collect data related to your mobile device, like ID numbers, if you access our Website from such devices.
  • Any data related to your visit to our Website, including URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), and other interactions
  • Data collected from cookies. Please, read our Cookies Policy for more information.
  • Information is collected via analytic tools and analytic providers, like IP (Internet Protocol Address), geolocation, OS (Operating System), language, access times, web browser, and other websites visited before our Website.


We need to store your full name and email address when you sign up for our newsletters. Should you choose to terminate the service, We will stop sending you promotional material. Nevertheless, the personal information you have provided to sign up for the service will remain stored. We may eventually send other kinds of emails, with non-promotional content, like updates regarding your account.

How We Use Your Personal Information

How we use your personal information?

We may use your data for the following purposes:

  • Marketing and Communication: we may send you announcements, updates, relevant events, or any other valuable information. We use your personal information to customise our services better and make our services better suit your needs. We will send the content to you through email or other electronic channels if you have chosen to receive such information.
  • The Website may validate and verify your account information based on the personal information provided to you.
  • Targeted advertisements and personalisation: the Website may use your personal information to guide interest-based advertisements. Interest-based advertisements are generated according to your personal information, including preferences collected by cookies and other analytic tools.

Categories of Information We May Store

We subdivide the personal information we collect and store it into six categories, as listed below.

  • ID information: full name, maiden name, user name, first and last names, date of birth, marital status, title, occupation, etc.
  • Contact information: residential address, phone lines (mobile, landline, residential, professional, or other), and email addresses.
  • Technical Information: IP address, login details, browser, OS, devices used for accessing our Website.
  • Profile Information: Times of login and logout, username, and encrypted password.
  • Usage information: includes every interaction you may have with our Website.
  • Marketing information: we also store your preferences regarding your preferred kinds of advertisements, and other communications, such as newsletters.

Criteria for Disclosing Your Personal Information to Third Parties

  • The Website does not sell or trade any of your personal information. We may still transfer, share, or disclose your personal information under the rules described here and also in accordance with current laws.
  • The Website can also use statistics related to your interactions with us, such as traffic, sales, searches, and any other statistically relevant information. Such information can be transferred to our partners. Your identity will remain preserved nevertheless.
  • The Website can also transfer or share your personal information with other related companies and business affiliates solely for legitimate business means.
  • The Website will release your personal information immediately upon legal request or compliance with current laws.
  • The Website cannot be responsible for how any third party uses your personal information.

Account Registration

  • If you are 18 years old or older, you have the right to open a free account on the Website. Depending on your country of residence, the minimum legal age for gambling is 21. In this case, you must follow local laws. However, be advised that you do not need an account for using the Website; save when required otherwise.
  • Children and underaged visitors are not allowed to create an account. Moreover, the Website does not store any personal information regarding any knowing child or underaged visitor.
  • You can request the deletion or deactivation of your account at any moment. Still, be advised that we will store the information gathered so far unless instructed otherwise. Such storage will follow strict security protocols. This information will be used for analytical and statistical purposes only.
  • Notwithstanding, the Website may still delete your information upon your request, with the exception of the information the Website must keep for legal purposes. Your data may be anonymised, depending on the circumstance. Once anonymised, it can be used for research purposes. In fact, this information is free for us to use, provided that it remains anonymous.

Account Confidentiality

Your personal data will only be available to our staff if such information becomes essential for their performance or for the adequate completion of their functions. Your personal data is protected by a password and heavy encryption. The Website follows all the current regulations regarding the protection of personal data.


Our Privacy Policy can undergo changes if legal or marketing demands so require and allow. In this case, you will be notified about all such changes. If the occasion arrives and you disagree with any of our terms, please contact us.

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