Betting Sites in the UAE
Best Camel Racing Betting Sites in 2024 in UAE

Best Camel Racing Betting Sites in 2024 in UAE

Updated: 11.04.2024

If camel racing is something that you have a desire to bet on, then you’re in the right location. Here, you will find the very best guide to placing bets on camel races, as well as the greatest platforms to do this on.

Ultimate Camel Racing Betting Guide
Camel Racing Bets

Whatever you do, we always suggest that you utilise one of the recommended sportsbooks in UAE for your camel racing betting needs. And follow our guide and the information laid out, too. If you know the camel racing rules, then you stand a better chance of being successful. At the end of the day, you can always guarantee that we will provide details on the best camel racing betting sites, so enjoy whichever platform you choose to join.

Comparison of the Best Camel Racing Betting Sites in Dubai

Betting SiteWelcome BonusLive StreamingLive Betting
Betobet100% up to $100AvailableAvailable
1xBet100% up to 400 AEDAvailableAvailable
Bet365Up to $30 in Free BetsAvailableAvailable
10Bet100% up to $200AvailableAvailable
Betway$10 Free BetsAvailableAvailable

Camel Racing Betting Sites – How Do We Choose Them?

Camel Racing Betting Sites

Physical camel races are not something that betting is provided on at online sites. In fact, betting as a general rule is banned throughout the UAE and other Arabian countries for the most part. However, this does not stop virtual camel racing betting from being available at certain platforms. With this being the case, there are some fantastic camel racing betting sites for you to sign up to and experience.

  • The Availability of Virtual Camel Racing
    The Availability of Virtual Camel Racing
    Betting sites should have virtual camel racing alongside virtaul horse racing and virtual greyhound in the sportsbook.
  • Fantastic Range of Supported Payment Methods
    Fantastic Range of Supported Payment Methods
    Quick and easy methods for making a deposit or withdrawing winnings.
  • A Proper Gambling Licence
    A Proper Gambling Licence
    Gambling sites with an official gambling licence ensures the safety of funds and personal data.
  • A Link for Mobile Bettors
    A Link for Mobile Bettors
    Gambling platforms that are compatible with mobile devices.
  • Excellent Customer Support
    Excellent Customer Support
    Availability and overall quality of customer support service.

The Availability of Virtual Camel Racing.

Of course, if you’re intending to place bets on camel racing, then you want to know that the sportsbook you’re joining actually offers it. Camel racing betting sites should offer this alongside its virtual horse racing, virtual greyhound racing and so on.

Fantastic Range of Supported Payment Methods.

One of the key elements of joining an online sports betting site is that you will need to make a deposit into your account. To do this, you will need to use a bit more of a discrete banking method. This is because all forms of gambling are prohibited in the Middle Eastern Arabic countries. So, depositing to enjoy camel racing betting should be possible through e-wallets or even cryptocurrencies to make things as easy as possible.

A Proper Gambling Licence.

Through our website, we will only recommend those online sportsbooks that possess an official gambling licence. This way, you know that you’re joining a regulated sportsbook where you can enjoy camel racing betting without worrying about your funds or personal data. Licensed camel racing betting sites have to follow a set of rules and regulations to keep everything fair and secure.

A Link for Mobile Bettors.

At, we know of the important of mobile betting. Many people prefer to place wagers from a smartphone or a tablet. That’s why we will always try to recommend those platforms that are readily compatible with mobile devices. This means that iOS and Android users can easily visit, join, deposit and place their favoured camel racing bets from wherever they are within the UAE.

Excellent Customer Support.

We know that it’s not an ideal situation to reach a point of needing help while sports betting. However, if that moment should come for you, then there needs to be an adept customer support team on hand to help out. This is why the camel racing betting sites that we recommend will always have exceptional support features on hand for these times.

Best Camel Racing Betting Sites Ranked by Category

🏆 Best Camel Racing Betting Site UAEBetobet
🐪 Best Bonus for Camel Race Betting1xBet
📱 Best Betting App for Camel RacingBet365
💻 Best Live Betting Site for Camel Racing10Bet
📈 Best Camel Racing Betting OddsBetway

How to Bet on Camel Racing?

How do you go about engaging in camel racing betting? Well, why not read through our guide to this below to get started?

Step 1

Check out the features of the different recommend betting sites listed here.

Decide upon one bookmaker to sign up to and proceed with visiting it and registering an account.

Step 2

Account verification.

Verify your account as required and then navigate over to the cashier page.

Step 3

Make the first deposit.

Use one of the supported payment methods that you are comfortable with to deposit funds into the account.

Step 4

Go to Virtual Sports Betting Section.

Visit the virtual sports betting section and click on the camel racing tab. This will display all of the upcoming races for you to bet on.

Step 5

Select Your Bet.

Select whichever race you would like to place bets on and this will display the list of camels competing in it.

Step 6

Enter Stake.

Add one of the different camels to your betting slip after viewing their odds and enter the stake you would like to bet on it.

Step 7

Confirm Your Bet.

Confirm the bet and then watch as the race unfolds in front of your very eyes. A winning wager will be settled immediately after this concludes.

Popular Camel Racing Betting Markets

Camel racing, much like horse racing, has fewer markets for betting on than say football. However, this does not mean that it is without its popular options for bettors. In fact, two markets more so than any others stand out to camel racing sports bettors, which are:

Race Winner

This is exactly how it seems – you place a wager on which camel you think will be the winner of the race. For this to be a winning outcome, your chosen camel must cross the finish line in the prime position. Eight camels usually compete in any race, giving you a 1 in 8 chance of being a winner.


Each of the camels participating in a race is numbered from one through to eight. Four of them will be an even number and the other four odds numbers. With an even/odd wager, you get to bet on whether you think the winning camel will be one that has had an odd number assigned to it or an even one.

Other popular camel betting tips to take heed of are to place an exacta or a trifecta wager. These usually cater very nicely to those who have a little more experience with sports betting in general. The former requires you to select two camels that you believe will finish the race in first and second. The latter adds a third-place finishing camel into your selection as well.

Camel Racing Betting – A Look at Camel Racing History

Important Milestones

7th centuryCamel racing roots
13th centuryThe Mongol Empire ruler Hulagu Khan officially introduced camel racing as a Middle Eastern Sport
2002Children under 15 are prohibited to being used as jockeys
2005Qatar followed with a similar ban
2009Compensation was paid to 879 former jockeys

When it comes to tradition, camel racing can actually be traced all the way back to the seventh century. Yet, back then, it only played an informal role in Emirati society, with infrequent events occurring and featuring such races. Birthdays and weddings, for example. Practiced most primarily as a Middle Eastern sport, it was officially introduced in the 13th century by Hulagu Khan, the Mongol Empire ruler.

In camel racing history, children have often been favoured as jockeys due to their light weight. Many of those children have been seriously injured throughout the centuries as a result of falling off the camels while training or during races. The United Arab Emirates was the first country with camel racing to ban children under 15 from being used as jockeys, though. That ban was announced in 2002, and in 2009, compensation was paid out to 879 former jockeys. Qatar followed suit in 2005 with a similar ban.

Despite camel racing history appearing to have some sort of issues, it remains a popular sport in countries like Pakistan, Mongolia and Australia, as well as much of North Africa and Western Asia. In modern camel racing, the camels are usually controlled by remote controlled robotic whips. One of the world’s major camel racing tournaments is held at Alice Springs in Australia, with the biggest prize money coming from the same country.

As with all sports, there are specific camel racing rules as well. These dictate that a camel must be at least 3 years old and that a jockey must use a saddle or they cannot race. Camel racing rules also specify that camels must stay on course and get through all gates to be in with a chance of winning. As noted previously, the jockey must be at least 15 years old. The camel racing events last between one and two days, with most racing events occurring from Thursday through to Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on camel races in the UAE?

Actual camel race betting is forbidden in the UAE. You can definitely place bets on virtual camel races at one of our recommended sites, thogh.

What is the best site to bet on camel racing at?

Select one of the recommended sportsbooks from our list at for the best options.

When does camel racing usually occur?

Physical camel racing usually takes place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Virtual camel races are available all the time.

How do I know camel racing betting sites are fair?

We have reviewed and vetted the recommended sportsbooks here. These are all fair, legitimate, licensed and regulated.

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