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Farah Jassawalla
Farah Jassawalla
Farah Jassawalla
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Farah Jassawalla is a seasoned writer and marketer who has been working independently for over a decade. iGaming and Casino writing form a big part of her decade long career where she has been driven with a passion for providing the latest information on how to stay safe while gambling.Her specialities in the field include writing about Casinos, Slots, Sportsbooks and Reviews.

About Farah Jassawalla

Who is Farah Jassawalla?

Farah Jassawalla is an experienced writer, working independently for over a decade now. With a deep passion for the art of writing and marketing, she has built a successful business offering a wide range of writing services, earning herself a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the content writing industry.

She earned her Double Majors in Economics and Political Science from the prestigious Lahore School of Economics. In a niche that has to be held to high standards and player safety is critical, Farah has been pivotal in providing the right information to the right customers. Farah has done extensive research in the field of iGaming and Casinos and, as a result, has produced top-notch quality content with the latest information and top tips on how to gamble safely.

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Online betting sites un UAE
Betting Sites in the UAE 2024 — Online Sports Betting Guide
Farah J.
Welcome to, where you will get to learn everything that you need to know about the best online betting si...
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