Betting Sites in the UAE
Best Boxing Betting Sites in the UAE — Top Bookmakers 2024

Best Boxing Betting Sites in the UAE — Top Bookmakers 2024

Updated: 11.04.2024

Boxing is a combat sport where two people wearing protective clothing, mainly gloves, fight for a specified time in a boxing ring. The match is usually 12 rounds with three minutes per round. The definition makes it sound like a very simple sport, but it’s more complex than it looks. We will help you discover and learn more about the sport.

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List of the best boxing sites for UAE bettors
Biggest bonus $
Fastest payouts
Highest rated
Biggest bonus $
Fastest payouts
Highest rated

Comparison of the Top 10 Boxing Betting Sites in the UAE

Betting SiteWelcome BonusStandout FeautureCoverage
Sportaza100% up to $100Accepts crypto currencyAll international major fights
Casombie100% Up To $100An "Early payout" function is availableAll international major fights
KingMaker100% Up To $100VIP Club availableAll international major fights
Thrillsy100% Up To $100Wide selection of boxing betting marketsAll international major fights
BetfinalBonus up to $3000In-game betting available with some streaming eventsAll international major fights
Betonic100% Up To $100Best odds, early lines, an extensive range of bet typesAll international major fights
Nomini100% up to $100Compatible with mobile devicesAll international major fights
MegaPari100% up to 494 AEDWide range of currencies and payment methodsAll international major fights
Rabona100% up to $100Minimize losses with a cashback reload bonusAll international major fights
Betobet100% up to $100Live chat is open 24/7All international major fights

What to Consider Before Betting on Boxing

Boxing betting

Here are a few other factors to consider when it comes to boxing, such as the previous opponents, weight class and training footage.

Previous Opponents

By looking at previous opponents, you can easily see what type of fighter the boxer is, and you will know in which direction to place your bet. Checking previous opponents can help determine weight class and how the fighter’s matches end. This also helps you to see and predict how a fight can end.

Weight Class

Boxing has 17 weight classes. The first five classes are heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, and lightweight. These weights have some of the best fighters; analyzing them is easier. For example, heavyweight fights usually end in a KO.

Training Footage

Training footage is usually used to determine if the opponent has acquired any new skills or even just to see if they have been training for the match. This is important because it will also ensure you place your bet with the best-prepared fighter.

How to Bet on Boxing?

If you’re a sports bettor and love betting on different types of sport, you know that if you will be box betting or betting on any other sport, you need to understand how to do it and know what odds formats are associated with the sport. If you are placing an online bet for boxing, make sure you have some useful betting tips and you know the different markets associated with boxing. Below we will point out a few things you need to consider as a sports enthusiast looking to bet on online boxing matches.

Step 1

Select a Betting Site.

If you are box betting, you should look at online sportsbooks. When you search for the best box betting sites, look for a secure, safe, trustworthy bookie. There are so many places to bet on online boxing; just make sure you do the right research when selecting the sportsbook of your choice. You can also use one of our recommended sites.

Step 2

Sign Up.

Signing up is the obvious part of getting into the virtual ring and placing your bet on your favorite boxer. Typically you complete site registration by putting your name, payment information, email and date of birth. You will then receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Once all of the above has been done, then you can start box betting.

Step 3

Deposit into your account.

Decide on the deposit method that you wish to use. If you plan to place an online bet for boxing, know that most sites accept credit cards such as Mastercard, AMEX, e-wallets such as Neteller, Paypal and Skrill and debit cards. Another payment method that is very popular at the moment is cryptocurrency. There are diverse types of cryptocurrencies to choose from: you must make sure that when you bet online on a boxing site that it accepts the cryptocurrency you wish to use. Most betting sites now accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin.

Step 4

Place your Bet.

Now you’re ready for boxing betting. Place your bet by picking a fight, picking a boxer, picking your bet type, entering your wager amount, and submitting your betslip.

Best Boxing Betting Sites Ranked by Category

🏆 Best Boxing Site in the UAESportaza
🔥 Best New Boxing Site in the UAECasombie
📱 Best Boxing Betting App UAEKingMaker
📈 Best Boxing Betting OddsThrillsy
💻 Best Boxing Live Betting SiteBetfinal
🎁 Best Boxing Event PromosBetonic

Types of Boxing Bets

The first thing to understand with boxing bets is that there are many types. Some popular ones include fight winner, method of victory, total rounds and round betting.

Reputable sportsbooks will likely feature some or all of these boxing bets. When you’ve found a legit site, boxing betting involves clicking on a specific market or boxing odds and selecting your wager size.

Boxing betting is all about understanding the available markets for boxing and having the best box betting strategy.

Also, boost your boxing knowledge by learning about current, popular boxers and their preferred fighting techniques.

We go through some of the most popular markets in detail below.

Fight Winner

Fight winner, or moneyline, is considered the simplest and easiest online bet for boxing. With this bet, you have to predict the fighter you think will win the match; if they win, then you win the bet.

Over/Under Rounds

Over/ under boxing betting is about the number of rounds it will take for the match to end or be completed.

Here is how over/under box betting looks:

  • Over 9.5 Rounds: +110 (You will need $100 to win $110)
  • Under 9.5 Rounds: -130 (You will need $130 to win $100)

What this means is the over and under is 9.5 rounds. To win over, you will need the fight to pass the 9.5 rounds set (past the 1:30 mark in round 9). To cash the under, you need the fight to end before the 9.5 rounds set (before the 1:30 mark in round 9). Men’s Championship fights are always 12 rounds.

This form of boxing betting can be considered the most exciting in online betting. However, this type of online bet for boxing doesn’t typically offer big payouts for its winners.

Round Betting

In this type of box betting, the wager is on the exact round when the fight ends. This type of online bet for boxing has no limit in the number of ways you can place a bet on a given round.

These are the most popular types:

  • Exact round plus method of victory
  • Exact round
  • Fight goes the distance
  • Total number of rounds (over/under)
  • Grouped round betting

These matches usually end by Knock Out or Technical Knock Out (TK/TKO), and the decision is made when one of the boxers throws in the towel, or the referee can decide.

Round Group Betting

With this type of bet online boxing match, you could pick which boxer you think will win the first three rounds, rounds 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12.

Method of Victory

Some of the best box betting sites allow bettors to predict the victory method. This type of boxing betting is very risky, and we don’t recommend it if it’s your first online bet for boxing.

Usually, you have to choose the winner in a certain round and the method of victory.

These are the types of methods of victory markets to win a match:

  • Technical Knockout
  • Knockout
  • Judges’ Decision

How Do Boxing Odds Work?

Boxing odds are pretty much the same as for other sports, in that they’ll usually be available in either Decimal, Fraction or American format.

Decimals are arguably the easiest to understand as they represent the amount you’ll win multiplied by your wager. For example, if the odds on a boxer to win a match is set at 4.00, you’ll earn 4x your wager.

Fractional odds represent the win/wager ratio. So, odds of 7/1 would mean you get $7 for every $1 you wager.

American odds are very common, and we highlighted an example above in the over/under betting section.

Boxing Odds Calculator

Betting odds calculator

Your potential profit:

Total payout: $ 40.00

4.5 / 5

Closing Thoughts

Boxing is a great sport to place a bet on because it offers many markets. There can’t be a guarantee of winning a bet, but employing the different skills and strategies mentioned above will set you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best boxing bet?

There is no way of determining the best because the type of bet is your choice. However, the simplest bet is the fight-winner or Moneyline bet.

What does +500 mean in boxing?

+500 are the American odds that show which player is the underdog and how much can be earned. $500 is the amount to be won if you place a bet of $100. If the underdog wins, the bettor therefore wins $500 plus the $100 bet.

How can I bet on boxing online?

There are four simple steps to follow:

  • Select a betting site
  • Sign up
  • Make a deposit
  • Place your bet
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