Betting Sites in the UAE
Best Horse Racing Dubai Betting Sites in 2024

Best Horse Racing Dubai Betting Sites in 2024

Updated: 11.04.2024

Horse racing is something that has definitely grown in popularity in the United Arab Emirates. Of course, this is only to be expected, considering that the area hosts the Dubai World Cup. We will be providing you with some horse racing tips when it comes to wagering on the events. This way, you’ll know all about gambling on horse racing Dubai and the greatest platforms to access to enjoy this activity.

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Comparison of the Top 10 Horse Racing Betting Sites Dubai

Betting SiteWelcome BonusRace CoverageBetting Tools
Sportaza100% up to $100UK, IE, Australia, Asia, USA, EU, South Africa, South AmericaLive statistics, live streams, Cash out
BetfinalUp to $3000UK, IE, Australia, Asia, USA, EULive statistics, live streams, Cash out
KingMaker100% up to $100South America, UK, IE, USA, Korea, Australia, New ZealandLive statistics, Cash out
Thrillsy100% up To $100Australia, Japan, South Africa, UKLive statistics, Cash out
BetonicBonus up to $3000Australia, Japan, South Africa, UKLive statistics, live streams, Cash out
Betobet100% up To $100UK, Australia, France, Ireland, Japan, USA, South AfricaLive statistics, live streams, Cash out
MegaPari100% up To 494 AEDAustralia, France, JapanLive statistics, live streams, Cash out
1xBet100$ up to 400 AEDIreland, South America, France, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USaLive statistics, live streams, Cash out
Bet365Up to $30Grand National NRNB, UK, Ireland, Australia, New ZealandLive statistics, live streams, Cash out, special bonuses
10Bet100% up to $200UK, Ireland, South America, France, Italy, South AfricaLive statistics, live streams, Cash out, special bonuses

About Horse Racing

💰 Bookmaker CoverageHigh
🏢 Main AuthorityN/A
🏅 Olympic SportNo
⭐️ Popular InUK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, UAE
🌎 Main EventGrant National

Features That We Look for in the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Best horse racing betting sites

As is the case with anything, if you’re a bettor who likes wagering on horse racing Dubai events, you’ll want to do so at a UAE betting site that incorporates various high-quality features. They should include perks like great horse racing payouts, support for numerous payment methods, a variety of events to wager on and more.

So, what do we look for when deciding upon the best horse racing Dubai sportsbooks to recommend to you? Well, here are the features that we think such a site should possess:

Expansive Horse Racing Coverage
Expansive Horse Racing Coverage
Available wide range of wagers, such as pre-match and i-play, that are available across many prestigious events.
The Best Odds for You to Benefit From
The Best Odds for You to Benefit From
Sportsbooks that offer the best odds that benefit and motivate new and experienced gamblers.
Potential for Live Streaming of Events
Potential for Live Streaming of Events
Possibility to place bets on the chosen event and watch it in the best quality possible.
Free Bet Rewards and Other Promotions
Free Bet Rewards and Other Promotions
Variety of compelling bonuses and promotions to welcome newcomers and motivate experienced players.

More detailed description below:

Expansive Horse Racing Coverage

If you want to engage in horse racing Dubai or any of the other Emirates, then it is important that you have a good range of races to bet on. After all, if you only have a couple of options to choose from, you’re a bit restricted. With this in mind, we have selected the online sportsbooks that come with a wide range of horse racing markets for you to wager on from the UAE.

Both pre-match and in-play bets should also be able to be placed on these races, and they should be available on events like the Pegasus World Cup, Saudi Cup, Dubai World Cup and many more.

The Best Odds for You to Benefit From

It’s one thing to expect great horse racing payouts, but without exceptional odds, a sports betting site won’t be able to provide such.

This is why we only recommend those sportsbooks with the greatest odds for you to benefit from as a gambler. And these shouldn’t just be offered on a few races, but across the board where horse racing Dubai is concerned.

Potential for Live Streaming of Events

What could be better than solely placing a bet on your favourite horse racing events? Getting to watch them as well, of course! We have a selection of recommended online sportsbooks for you to visit that also provide live streaming of horse races from around the world.

Usually, as long as you are a registered bettor and have wagered on an event, you can stream it directly to your computer or mobile device in these circumstances. With high-definition streams of the races, you’ll be able to watch as your winning horse crosses the finish line and nets you a great payout.

Free Bet Rewards and Other Promotions

It isn’t uncommon to find online sportsbooks welcoming bettors with the promise of exciting promotions. These often include bonuses on top of deposits, free bets, acca insurance and much more. Utilising these promotions can also be a great way of bolstering your bankroll.

Free bets usually provide you with the chance to bet and win real money after you have made a deposit of your own funds. Bonuses are added to your account for depositing a certain amount. Horse racing tips will often inform you of utilising such perks to the best of your advantages.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites Ranked by Category

🏆 Best Horse Racing Betting Site DubaiSportaza
💻 Best Live Betting Site for Horse RacingBetfinal
📈 Best Horse Racing Betting OddsKingMaker
📱 Best Horse Racing Betting AppThrillsy
🎁 Best Bonuses for Horse Racing BettingBetonic

How To Bet On a Horse?

If you have an interest in accessing one of the horse racing Dubai websites that we have recommended here, then you may also want to know how to place such a sports wager. Fortunately, we have a guide that you can follow, providing horse racing tips to you to utilise. It’s also key to have a horse racing odds calculator at hand, just in case.

Step 1

Select Your Site.

First, you need to select which of the horse racing Dubai sportsbooks from our list of recommendations that you want to join. Be sure to read the reviews and see what features they all offer.

Step 2

Register for an Account.

Enter your valid details to open an account at your chosen platform. This includes inputting your name, address, telephone number, email address and various other pieces of data.

Step 3

Make a Deposit.

Depositing money into your sports betting account is often a simple process. Just enter the amount you want to deposit and then select the payment method you would like to use. Follow the on-screen instructions after this to complete the transaction.

Step 4

Find the Race You Want to Bet On.

Visit the horse racing section of the sportsbook’s lobby to find the race(s) you would like to wager on. A list of upcoming events will be displayed and after clicking on a race, you will see all horses participating in it.

Step 5

Add the Bet to Your Slip.

Select the horse that you think will win, enter the amount you want to bet on it and then click to add it to your bet slip. Confirm the wager and this will process the bet through for you.

Calculating Horse Racing Odds

If you haven’t ever engaged in horse racing betting before, then the odds of an event may look quite confusing. Fortunately, if you have a horse racing odds calculator, you can determine the odds a lot better if they aren’t displayed in a format you understand. In many cases though, a site will allow you to view these in decimal or fractional format.

Decimal OddsFractional Odds
💵 Bet$20$10
🎲 Odd4.005/1
💸 Payout80$ (Win of 60$ and 20$ wager back)$60

What is the difference between these, though?

Horse Racing Tips – Decimal Odds

Most horse racing betting sites provide you with the opportunity to see odds in decimal format. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner to the world of wagering. You’re able to use a horse racing odds calculator to figure out the amount of your horse racing payouts easily. Simply multiply your share by the decimal number on display. So, if you place a $20 bet on a horse that has odds of 4.00, you stand to receive a payout of $80 (a win of $60 and your $20 wager back).

Horse Racing Tips – Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are also often available to view at horse racing betting sites, with two number separated by a slash. Where decimal odds display your original stake into your return, these fractional odds show how much you stand to win in comparison to your wager. The number displayed on the right-hand of the slash is the amount you need to wager in order to win that number displayed on the left. So, placing a $10 bet on a horse with odds of 5/1 can provide a payout of $60.

Horse Racing Odd Calculator

Betting odds calculator

Your potential profit:

Total payout: $ 40.00

Available Horse Racing Dubai Bets

Horse racing betting types

As with most sports, when it comes to horse racing Dubai wagering, there are various bets you can place. It’s not simply a case of betting on the winning participant and that’s it. You can also engage in bets on the following options:

In Each Direction

You will usually see this bet displayed as E/W, and this features two bets in one. They are a win bet and a place bet. Essentially, you need to wager an amount on the win and the place, with each part costing you an equal amount.

So, if you place a $20 bet on the win, then a $20 wager must also be wagered on the place, equating to $40 in total.

To Win

Beginners to horse racing betting sites would probably be better sticking with this option. This is a single bet on one specific horse to win the race, coming in first place. You win horse racing payouts when your chosen horses cross the line in their races in first place, and if not, you lose it.


Many horse racing tips will promote the possibility of engaging in a ‘Daily Double’. Essentially, this requires you to select two horses to win two races, and the bet is a single one. Higher horse racing payouts can be experienced with such a wager.

Of course, it also comes with higher risk because you’re betting on more than one race.


This is essentially like the Double, but with you betting on three horses in three races instead. Accumulators of this nature on different horses in different races go by alternate names. The Lucky 15 is a bet on four horses in four races, while Lucky 31 is a bet that incorporates five singles bets on five horses.

Yankee & Canadian

Last of all, if you place a bet on a yankee, this includes 11 betting combinations. This consists of six pairs, four triples and one compound four. Meanwhile, the Canadian (which also goes by the name of the Super Yankee) is a bet on five horses covering 26 betting combinations.

These are 10 doubles, 10 triples, five quads and a single five-fold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Bet On Horse Racing Online?

Betting on horse racing depends on the bet type and the odds. The horse racing odds are often displayed as fractions. Understanding the different horse racing odds and their meaning is very important. When on the betting site, click the race of your choice to wager. Check the field before selecting a horse that you want to bet on. The bet options become visible for you to enter the wagering amount.

How Do Odds Work In Horse Racing?

Odds in horse racing are returns to expect on your wager after a successful bet. The odds reflect the percentage chance the horse has at winning the race. A horse with lower chances of success has a bigger payoff. Decimal odds are fancied for having a stronger horse with a smaller number. Horses with a lower odd have a higher market rating than ones with a higher odd. Fractional odds don’t include the stake, so the lower price doesn’t guarantee anything. On the other hand, fixed odds don’t fluctuate depending on market support or against the horse. The odds become lower if more people have confidence in the horse.

What Is The Best Strategy For Betting On Horse Racing?

The best strategy when betting on horse racing is to take things slowly. Don’t spend your whole bankroll in a day. Take time to develop a system. It may involve watching winners or devising a mathematical formula. Ensure to refine your strategy as time goes by.

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